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Thank you for your interest in publishing on Answerhop. Before submitting your content for review, please ensure that it meets the guidelines below. We also request that you review our Terms of Service before you proceed with your submission.

Submission Guidelines

  1. All content on Answerhop is meant to be informative and useful, and to deliver the news that our readers need to know and want to learn more about. We are not interested in publishing promotional content, such as press releases or advertisements. Any content resembling or containing any form of spam will not be accepted.
  2. We reserve the right to reject content for any reason. Any content that does not serve to inform or attempt to deceive or mislead readers will not be accepted. Any content that does not meet our standards for quality and professionalism will not be accepted. While we welcome contributors with a distinct point of view, we will not accept content that we deem to be inflammatory, representative of a personal attack against an individual, organization, or other body, including exceptionally negative, hateful, false, unlawful, or inappropriate text, or attempts to undermine the integrity, character, and mission of our brand.
  3. All content must be original and exclusive for publication on Answerhop.
  4. Please provide the full URL to any and all sources used to create your content. Data, quotes, and other factual specifics mentioned in your article must be cited by recent and relevant sources.
  5. Your full name, email address, and a brief bio (under 100 words) must be included with your submission and will be published with your article if accepted. You may include one link to your website or social media contact within your bio.
  6. Please review all submissions and article details very closely to ensure no errors, typos, or incorrect information is present. Answerhop will review your submission carefully, however, we are not responsible for proofreading, corrections, or editing of any sort.
  7. All content must relate to one or more of the topics we focus on. These topics include:
  • Aerospace and Aviation
  • Construction and Infrastructure
  • Military and Defense
  • Business

We also accept submissions on business and politics that are strongly related to the above topics.

We receive many inquiries from marketers looking for one-time articles or paid postings. We do not accept this type of articles.

Submissions must be from experienced authors with verifiable contributions to reputable outlets and established internet profiles.

Please do not contact us for fly-by-night stories, one-time submissions, or unserious content.

Please submit your articles and questions here. We will respond within 24 business hours.

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